Life in Vita Yet


“Looking back at the performance of different consoles over the course of history, sometimes you’ve had slow starts which have been suddenly sprung into life by a number of activities. What you don’t say ahead of time is, ‘Oh this will and that will happen, and suddenly we’ll have a massive spike in sales’. It’s not the sort of thing that companies do.”

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s senior business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad. (Gamasutra)

Great PR and Gamer Feedback


“I don’t know how much, if any, Square Enix has made from the game [on PS Plus], but we have only received a lot of great PR and gamer feedback. That’s worth more than a few dollars in royalty to us at this point.”

Christofer Sundberg, founder and chief creative officer at Avalanche Studios, which received no money when its Just Cause 2 given away free on PS Plus. (Gamasutra)

PS4 Won’t Cost Sony a Bomb


“Unlike PS3, we are not planning a major loss to be incurred with the launch of PS4. At the time we developed PS3, we made a lot of in-house investments to develop the chip, the Cell chip. Development of the chip saw the silicon processing and all the facilities invested by us ourselves. But this time, yes we have a team working on chip development, but we already have existing technology to incorporate and also product investment and all the facilities will now be invested by our partners, other foundries, so we don’t have to make all the investment in-house.”

Sony CFO Masaru Kato (Eurogamer)

PlayStation 4 and the Living Room

Credit: 4Gamer

Credit: 4Gamer

“In terms of the ‘war for the living room’, we have no intention of abandoning that approach. After all, Sony is a company that has a long history of making audio-visual products that are designed for the living room, so this is a natural course for us. If anything it’s the other companies that have changed course by moving into this space.”

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation 4 strategy. (4Gamer via Edge)

Shuhei Yoshida on PS4


“It’s not easy to make a system that “just works”. We’ve been criticised all the time for people having to wait to download patches, or for firmware updates, and we are gamers as well so we know exactly what people have to go through on PS3. So we wanted to really make it a focus so that our developers in Tokyo and the US who work on system software and such features were really thinking about some of these experiences.”

Shuhei Yoshida on designing PlayStation 4 (Edge)