Notice About This Site

Since I joined Polygon as senior reporter in June, I haven’t had a chance to update this site. It was an extremely useful exercise while I was between jobs, enabling me to really keep tabs on goings on in the games biz. And I’d hoped to maintain it through my new job, as part of my overall note-taking and research duties. But my job is my 100% focus right now, so I’m going to sign off from this. Thanks to all of you who visited here, and I hope you enjoyed the exercise. – Colin Campbell (colin at polygon etc.) / @colincampbellx

Publisher PR Blacklists


“We have been threatened with publisher blacklisting on many, many occasions. I don’t know if they’ve followed through with any of the threats, because I’m not actually on any of the PR lists to begin with; I wouldn’t know that I’ve been removed from any of them.” 

NeoGAF owner Tyler Malka on pissed-off publishers and their default positions. (VG247)

Warren Spector on Game Reviewers


“Great critics don’t focus on questions of good or bad. Their assessments of a film’s success or failure are supported by an underlying philosophy they apply to all films…reading them, you can weigh your own likes and dislikes to determine if you will like a film, based on their review. An enthusiastic ‘This game sucks!’ or ‘The AI is bad’ or ‘This game gets a 4 out of 5′ tells me next to nothing I need to know.”

Warren Spector (GamesIndustry)

A Perfect Time


“This is the second time in a month that I’ve been completely bowled over by an indie project that I’d never even heard of, created by people whose games I’ve never played. I can think of no better indicators that no matter how bad SimCity turned out, no matter how disappointing the gameplay in Bioshock Infinite, no matter how familiar any Call of Duty, no matter whether the next Xbox is always online, it’s a perfect time to be into videogames.”

Quarter To Three’s Tom Chick talks Monaco. (Quarter To Three)